A Letter from South Florida Hunter Jumper Association and Equestrian Sport Productions to All Show Participants

Nov 17, 2020 - 8:56 PM

Dear Exhibitors,

South Florida Hunter Jumper Association (SFHJA) and Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP) are excited to welcome you all to the 70th Annual SFHJA Charity Show! Despite all odds during the COVID-19 pandemic, this year looks like it will be a record year in attendance.

With a greater population on the grounds comes a greater responsibility for all of us to remain vigilant with our safety protocols. Our most important goal is for everyone to have a safe place to compete. SFHJA is reminding you that all ESP COVID-19 protocols are in effect and will be enforced.


We have noticed over the last few days in the barn areas that some barns are getting lax with wearing facial masks and social distancing. Please be aware for the rest of this week (and weeks to come) we will have authorities patrolling the barns to strictly enforce these rules.

Trainers - we are asking you to make sure your staff understand that these rules are for everyone’s safety and they must comply, not just when they are caught or warned. We will begin to evict repeat offenders from the property.

Last week during the ESP Pre-Charity show, there was a noticeable increase in attendance for those that have come to the grounds to watch their family or friends compete. We are reminding you that each rider is allowed a maximum of two people on the grounds at any time. This restriction is very important to the sustainability of our sport by controlling the numbers of people on the grounds.

In the very near future, ESP will be instituting an accreditation ID system that will be required for everyone entering the grounds. This will solve the current issues with additional people on the grounds. In the meantime, we are asking all of our exhibitors to make sure that there are no more than two additional people on the grounds to accompany you.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and non-riding siblings need to stay home. As a reminder, free streaming is available for anyone to watch you compete from anywhere in the world. Once the accreditation process is implemented, there will no longer be a choice for these extra individuals to stay off the grounds. We are asking for your help until then.

We also need your vigilance around the show rings. The seating (where available) has been fastened to the ground. For all other areas, you must maintain a minimum of 6 feet between all people, including family members, so that everyone maintaining the minimum social distancing on the grounds becomes second nature.

Golf carts – All occupants should be masked at all times. Golf carts need to be unloaded once you arrive at your location. This again applies to everyone, including family members.

Please remember all of these protocols are for everyone’s safety and are part of our protocols that we have submitted to our governing bodies for us to operate. Non-compliance is simply not an option.

To be very clear, any eviction will involve the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and the individual will be trespass warned to not come back to the property. This stays in effect for a full year. We sincerely hope that we are not forced to do this to anyone, but we will not hesitate to evict anyone that is considered a nuisance and threat to everyone’s safety.

We wish everyone good health and thank you in advance for your cooperation this season.

ESP & SFHJA management

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